Introducing our exceptional range of custom-made beds, designed to cater to all your specific needs.
Whether you require a specific size, height, or side fence size, we have you covered.
With our dedication to customer satisfaction, we happily offer customization options to ensure you receive the perfect bed for you or your loved ones.
Our beds can be seamlessly adapted for children and adults with special needs, 
to meet your individual reSpecial made quirements.
Experience unparalleled comfort and support when you choose our custom-made beds, tailored to perfection just for you.
Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all and embrace the luxury of personalized sleep solutions.

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118''x 188'' x 23'' Play area Custom order with entrance gate.


Custom order special needs bed with fully openable sideboard on both sides


Customized custom modification for a higher side fence


Custom order for playground with higher side fence
Custom made bed with 35''side rails and 35'' wide entrance gate.
Custom made roof part with 37* corner part.